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Online Effluent Monitoring

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UV-VIS200, EL200, UV500, UV300, Probes, Flowmeter

Online Emission Monitoring

Our Products

Gas Analyzer, PM Analyzer

Online Ambient Monitoring

Our Products

1. EZ-AQ-100 2. EZ-AQ-200

CPCB/PCBs Connectivity

Data connectivity with CPCB/PCBs.


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Our Mission
Providing most efficient services that exceed the expectations of our esteemed customers and to build long lasting fruitful relationship our clients by providing them most exceptional product and after sales services.
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With our unique quality of invention and innovation, we believe to take our horizons all over the World. We are integrated with honesty, expert team, and true business ethics by that we are bound to win the hearts of our clients.
Our Action
Design, develop & Manufacturing products required to meet the current & upcoming market needs. Customizable and human-centered concepts to follow new trends of intelligent product technology & energy savings.
Our Results
Water & Air Treatment Equipments Manufacturing, intelligent Water & Air Monitoring Systems (Certified Products) Data Analyzing System on Real-time Basis (Complying CPCB/SPCB Norms).

Realtime Data on SPCB or CPCB

Realtime Pollution Monitoring Application

This application displays information about various pollution parameters for Industries displayed in our website across India. It shows 15 min average data for each parameter. Also receive alerts if any parameters value is above the CPCB standard.

Our Products



Full UV-Vis spectrum probe

UV-Vis probe provides a simple way to measure a number of parameter among TSS, NO3, COD, BOD, TOC, UV254 and colour for surface water or industrial/municipal waste water.


Online Water Analyzer

Based on high resolution UV-Visible Spectrograph. It allows to monitor simultaneously many different parameters for waste water treatment plants or river monitoring stations with an excellent stability and low operating cost.


Electromagnetic Flow Meter

This provides worry free flow mesurement element, which measure the flow any conductive liquid flowing throught it


Gas Analyzer

Gas Analyzer from Fuji Electric Japan based on NDIR which measures simultaneous and continuous concentration of upto 5 gases components.


Air Quality Monitoring System

The EZ-AQ-100 can be equipped with up to 10 sensors from 5 categories of sensors.
PID, NDIR, Electro-Chemical, Optical Particle Counter, Metal Oxide Sensor
Each EZ-AQ100 can be customized with the specific sensors as per the application.


Air Quality Monitoring System

Now you can measure outdoor air pollutants in real-time with high data quality, at a price you can afford. The EZ-AQ-200 enables Near Reference
performance for much less cost than traditional analysers.


Live Streaming of Camera

IP Camera with PAN, TILT, 10X Zoom with night vision capability camera recording in NVR for more than 2 months. Live streaming of camera feed to CPCB / SPCB Servers.

Envirozone Instruments & Equipments Pvt. Ltd.

Envirozone Instruments & Equipments Private Limited is one of the leading service providers for the study of EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) for large and medium scale industrial units. WE are the leaders in providing pollutions control consultancy and fabricate & manufacture all kinds of pollution control equipments subduing Air, Water and noise pollution

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